televizyon:An inevitable part of everyday life, television, more or less ground cover in our lives. Escape from all the problems of life, the most beautiful tool produces television; What is not there in almost no no. As he said, some ideas that little tool devil? Or are you saving us a kind of bustle of everyday life is a means of entertainment? I think the two of them, not one thing, instead of looking at things mystic sees his life would be more realistic to look at the area covered by the function. Kopartsa for a moment in the life of the people is an illusion that it is understandable, it is not committed in the street when you exit your life. There's that is competition programs, newsletters, in the endless variety of daytime programs that intrigues, would not be subject to arrays of arrays.

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kardeş bu sorunun cevabını googlede bulamadım ama sen ansiklopedi varsa göz gezdir ben daha ayrıntılı araştırcam