Horoscopes sixth zone and the second sign of the element of earth, practical, solution-oriented, intelligent, hard-working, perfectionist, organized and helpful fairy godmother, in a period of Virgo. August 23 to September 22, belongs to Virgo.
Positive features of Virgo, the honest, hard-working, productive, helpful, intelligent, friendly, organized, consistent, analytical, talented, observer, humorous and practical. If negative features, neurotic, critical, instantaneous reactive, prone to negative thinking, cynical, complaining, gauche, perfectionist.

Significant impacts from the beginning of 2012 under the sign of Virgo. Work and career issues, especially in a disciplined and systematic pace of work seems quite clear that if the chance. You have to achieve your goals by improving your skills, enthusiasm and hard work, at least one will not be difficult at all.

Improve the working terms and conditions of business in the area, ascend, be able to make a permanent success. All year round, circle the relations, especially compatible with your career, you can be balanced. Encounter situations or people that would interfere with peace of mind but you still may be able to continue on your way.

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