Are you interested in fashion or sport ? Well fashion today is a new TV programme on Channel 8 and the first show is tonight at 6.30 p.m. . In the programme Janne sinden talks to lots of different people about clothes . She interviews people like you and me and she alsa talks to famous people. Tonight she talks to a very famous singer. This singer is married to a footballer and she has three beautiful children. She always wears amazing clothes .Do you know who she is ? She tells Jane about her favourite clothes for women , for men and for children ! Also on the programme Jane goes to a new clothes shop in London and a famous designer talks about fashion from the 1960s to today. It's an excellent programme.
There's also something on TV tonight for people who love sports . There's new programme about different sports and where you can watch them. It's called Watching Sport. Where are the national ice - skating competitions ? Don't go out tonight ! Stay in and watch Fashion Today and Watching sport. They're amazing !

There are two new programmes on Tv tonight

On the fashion programme there is an interview with a famous footballer
On the fashion programme we can learn about a place where we can buy clothes
We can watch football mathes on the sports programme
The sports programme tell us where we can learn new sports

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