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Due to repetitive motion disorders
Syndrome, the median nerve passes through the wrist at the level of the wrist wrist channel becomes jammed, the structure is broken and unable to function. The median nerve, the outer half of the little finger and ring finger, with the exception of some muscles in the palm of the hand and the inner face of the sensibility and some of the muscles that move the thumb of the operation. Can not do the task from the median nerve numbness and pain, thumb and hand tightening movements occur in muscle strength, dexterity is impaired, requiring delicacy made crafts. Person wakes up at night because of pain in the hand, shake off shaking his hand and tries to reduce at a rate of pain. Once the event is sometimes fail after the development is difficult to treat and prevent the emergence of knowledge about the disease, the best way to advance.

Neck muscle pain and retention
A certain posture (posture) for a long time remained the neck muscles contract. This tall, sometimes with neck pain, stiffness and numbness in parts of the leads to the back of the head. Stressful trying to be the person, to be above the monitor from the head, neck, keeping the same head makes it easy to maintain for a long time without changing position.

Eye strain
Constantly tired eyes to look at a fixed point. Eyeball movement of the eyes to move in different directions are provided in 6 different muscle. In addition, close eyes and looked away, focusing of the image to the retina, the eye lens bombeleştirip yassılaştıran works the muscles in the eye. Running in different directions and distances from the eye muscles with different eyes look tired. Tiring for the eyes to look at a fixed point constant. In addition, the lack of a good on-screen display and light setting, the monitor light is pulsating fatigue of the eye becomes effective. Insomnia can be added to this feeling of tiredness in the eyes of people who use computer for a long time, and thus, redness, and burning will occur.

Reduction of hours allotted to sleep
Computer enthusiasts to get up soon, saying slumber players and sit up late at night ... However, work will go up in the morning. Uyutur television, computers, especially the Internet is connected to the person's active contribution and the interest keeps you awake. Computer enthusiast of the night two, three, unwillingly separated from the computer. As a result of lack of sleep, people constantly feel tired, angry quickly, the power of concentration decreased work efficiency is reduced.

Breakdown in communication between family members
Internet enthusiast, children, friends, spouse will give the virtual world of the time. The first thing is to open the computer when I get home. Neglect household chores. Work, school, set up computer-related dreams. Virtual world, real-world relations is preferred. Computer tutkunluğu is due to the environment of criticism and warnings. Wants to terminate his interest in the computer case., The computer can not be apart. Separate from the computer when the irritability, depression, unhappy situations occur, such as. Computer enthusiast computer-related behaviors are described in more detail in internet addiction.

Business productivity and school performance
Open letters from Internet because of his passion., Read newspapers, magazines, accumulate, arrangements are made daily in small, household chores are ignored. Students are allowed to spend your time at the computer instead of studying. Insomnia, fatigue, added to them. Work and school achievement drops.