I usually wake up at 7.00 when my alarm clock goes off. I turn (it) off it straight away and then usually just lie there in bed for another five or ten minutes before I finally get up. I go to the bathroom, have a showerbrush my teeth and then get dressed. I usually have breakfast - cornflakes, toast, a boiled egg and coffee - at about 7.40. While I eat I normally listen to the news on the radio.I leave home at about 7.50. I always pop into Mr Brown the newsagent's on my way to the station to buy a daily newspaper.I catch the eight o'clock train to work and usually read the newspaper on it. I start work at 9.00 andfinish at 5.00. At eleven o'clock we have a break for tea or coffee and I always have lunch at 12.30-I usually go with some friends to an Italian restaurant just round the corner.I get home from work at about six o'clock and have dinner at 7.00. Most evenings I stay at home and watch T.V Sometimes, I meet my friends at the pub or go to the cinema. Twice a week I phone my mother for a chat and to find out how everyone is. I nearly always go to bed at 11.00 or 11.15 on weekdays, and the last thing I do before Ifall asleep is to set the alarm clock for the next day.

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ı love eating pizza

ı hate hamburger

ı enjoy basketbol 

are you sure 


I get up at 9:30 am. I have  a shower at 9:30 am. I have breakfast at 10:00 am adn then I wash my toots. I get dress at 11:00

I go out at 11:30  and I cycle to school. I finish school at 5:30 pm then I come home I have dinner at 6pm. I study lesson at 7pm. I watch tv at 8pm.  I surf on the net 10 pm.  I read a book at midnight. End of the day ı go to bed at 2 am.