Sydney Botany Bay and Pittwater between the living Darut of the tribe of the homeland, as is known. For this reason, here in prehistoric times, too many settlements; the names of most of these old settlements.
Sydney living in 1778 a colonial colony started, and the city of sixty years of the British society of unwanted, guilty of contacts housed. This is bad start, although Sydney is currently a world-famous cultural and art become the center has managed to come.
The wonders of sydney, the original natives, here in the 18th century from the British soldiers forced by the places are. Indigenous people, a large part of the British troops massacred by, the rest is an important part of the generally poor working conditions from diseases caused by the crowd communities in the form of died.
in 1788 in January to Sydney from the British navy commander James Cook's proposal to the city of the Uk's overcrowded jails 759 units of guilty has been introduced. This is the British fleet in settlement, thanks to the gulf to the north of the present Sydney city has evolved.

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