Musical career

[edit]Sezen Aksu’s invitation
In 1992, Hande Yener met Hülya Avşar, who was shopping at the department store she worked at. Hülya Avşar would arrange for a meeting with her to meet Sezen Aksu, who would eventually invite her to audition in order to work with her on her upcoming album. Hande went on to be hired and quickly become Sezen Aksu’s assistant and back vocalist for her album, “Deli Kızın Türküsü” (Folk Songs of a Crazy Girl). This gave her the first stepping stone into the music industry, as working with Aksu allowed her not only to gain some experience as an artist, but also play contributions to producing some of Sezen’s famous albums during the 1990s.
[edit]Career beginnings: Senden İbaret and Extra
Hande would go on to work with Sezen as a back vocalist for two years. Afterwards Hande managed to establish herself not only some experience, but also a recognizable name as those that work as vocalist for Sezen tend to attract some attention for being chosen as worthy artists. It took some time for Hande to finally release her first album in 1999 which called, “Senden İbaret” (All About You).
The first single released off from the album was called, “Yalanın Batsın” (Damn Your Lies). It was a dance track that spelled instant success. This was considering that it managed to skyrocket right to the top of most Turkish charts, allowing it to become an instant club hit. The second single that followed from this album was, “Yoksa Mani” (If There Isn’t An Obstacle). It too managed to attract a lot attention, as it was a pop track that accompanied some eastern-sounding elements to it.

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