A hawker hears that: The salt is cheap near the sea. So he goes to buy salt near the sea.Since the salt is very cheap,the hawker buys a lot of salt and he loads it on his donkey`s back. The donkey`s load is very heavy.Therefore, it is very difficult for donkey to walk. The donkey is walking on a path by a river.Suddenly his toe slips.The donkey ant the salt sacks on his back fall into the river accidentally. But the donkey isn`t worried.He thinks: I m lucky,because the salt on his back falls into river and the salt dissolves in the water. There isn`t any salt on his back now.So the donkey is very happy.He hops and jumps cheerfully. A few days later,the hawker goes to the sea again.He wants to buy salt near the sea again. But this time, the hawker buys much more salt, teherefore the donkey`s load very heavy. The donkey walks very hardly.Then the donkey and the hawker come to the same river.The donkey falls into river again.But this time,it isn`t an accident.He jumps into river deliberately. The water dissolves the salt and the donkey gets rid of his load again. The harker is very angry.He wants to earn money,but now he loses his salt and he loses money.He plans to take his revenge from the donkey. Two days later,he takes his donkey dear the sea again.This time he loads sponges on his donkey`s back. The donkey and the hawker come to same path by the river.The donkey jumps into the river deliberately once again. But this time,he isn`t lucky.The water can`t dissolve the sponges.The sponges soak the water in.The sponges are as heavy as stones. The donkey goes out of the river very hardly. We shouldn`t cheat other people.Cheating is a bad behavior. ________________________________________________ Çevirisi ve anlatıldığı zaman lazım lütfen.





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