English is easier than Japanese.
Karen is shorter than her twelve-year-old son.
My suitcase is heavier than your suitcase.
Wool is warmer than cotton.
Trains are faster than buses.
The Empire State building is taller than the Statue of Liberty.

My father is older than my mother.
Boats are slower than planes.
The Mississippi is longer than the Nile.

The Atlantic is colder than the Mediterranean.

I get up earlier in Ankara than in Adana. 
The grandfather works harder than his grandchild.
The cow drinks more water than the sheep.
My brother cooks worse than me. 
Kader is shorter than her son.
My suitcase is heavier than your suitcase. 
Wool is warmer than cotton. 
Plane is faster than bus. 
Hidayet is taller than İbrahim. 

 Kızılırmak is longer than Çoruh River.