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The temperature of the world has increased between 0.5 and 0.8 degrees since 1860. This warming in the last fifty years has significant effects over human life bad effects of warming. The effect of global warming is felt in everwhere in the world. Melting glaciers, increase in erosions and the rise of sea levels are some of the results. As a result of the esage of industrial products by people and the usage of gases having greenhouse effecti the temperature has increased due to the industrial lefts.This has major effect to change the climates of the world. Some parts of world have been going towards desert climate, some has experienced the increasing of intensity and frequence of tornados and floods. In order to protect the world from these dangers, we should decrease the wasting of energy and increase planting trees since planting trees absorbs CO2 gas.

Because every tree absorbs gren house gases  (CO2). In order to reduce the effects we should not waste the energy, should increase planting trees. We should use energy friendly electric bulbs, should not use a second television at our homes and take the plugs of the electrical devices when they are not used, change the filters of air conditioners, not waste water, use public transport instead of private cars, drive at low speed and walk short distances and so on.