I always get up early at 07:00 o'clock.I usually have breakfast coke.I always go to school at 07:30 o'clock.I sometimes watch TV at 01:00 o'clock.I never play computer games.I usually have lunch  chips and cook.I usually go to bed at 10:00 o'clock.

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I often wake up at 7:30

I often wear my shirt and breakfast at 7:45 I do

I always go to school at 8:20

I always come home at 11:50

I usually eat lunch at 12:00

I always go to school 12:40

I often come home at 14:30

I always get dressed 14:40 I'il get the

I often do my homework 15:00

I sometimes watch TV at 16:00

I usually eat my dinner at 17:15

I sometimes try to learn a lesson 17:45

I sometimes watch TV with my family at 18:45

I usually try to lecture at 20:30

I often sleep at 22:15

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