Once upon a time, a yokmuş.Evvel over time, while the griddle in the hay ... Piraeus barber, while the camel crier, I cradle my mother shakes TINGIR Mingir iken.Tıngır sieve, TINGIR fate saying goes, anlatmışlar.Bir this tale follows upon a time, Before that time, with a sultan had three daughters.

One day the Sultan's daughter alone collected, how much do you like me? Demiş.En a world of great girls, and the median up to hug her daughter, the little girl said I love as much as the salt.
The sultan very angry little girl's response, he said people liked as much as the salt, and then delivered to the hangman etmiş.Cellat little girl, her daughter took to the mountains to cut.

She begged hangman, you father, I demiş.Cellat meat, she could not resist pleas, instead, an animal, cut the girl's shirt dips sultan brought the blood of slaughtered animals.
The little girl went düşmüş.Az roads, uz is gone, use one of the richest men in the village, a village ulaşmış.Orada was a slave, grew up a very beautiful girl olmuş.Güzelliği from province to province, from language to language spread and fate of this or any other of the sultan's son got married.
A considerable interval of time has passed, told him what had happened, my parents' dinner will call the demiş.Kocası demiş.Gereken also made preparations, the feast called the father of the sultan.

The girl's father said to the sultan and his entourage gelmiş.Padişah banquet table seated with avanesiyle meals a day in order to arrive başlamış.Ama girl, that's cook all the food unsalted etmiş.Padişah instructed to attack the hand which had gone back to dinner, could not eat any of the food.
At that time, little daughter of the sultan fırlamış.Padişahım up the mess, I hear you say you're a little girl I loved as much as salt, without the opportunity for the öldürtmüşsün demiş.Padişahın say there's that little girl that I made my kıymetimi understands the words he said and added all the dishes without salt.
Wrapped around the neck a little ashamed of what you did the Sultan's daughter, salt anlamış.Ondan know how precious one's own and then come to a new era başlamış.Onlar, kerevet we go.

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cnm ama hangi konu hakkında ona göre ......

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