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Of our times, re-ranking of the'' who'' Seven Wonders of the Hagia Sophia's. Because theHagia Sophia, about 1500 years later, still erect, the world continues to surprise. Reasonsparticular, the size of the architectural innovations brought about, for the sake of the effort, wealth and ambition of Justinian ...

Year 532 The Hippodrome, including the emperor, the people gathered, excited horse-carraces in the course. At the end of the game, teams will fight. Seizing this opportunity to the public, it converts a political uprising. Known as the Nika revolt, Justinian will almost throne.Encouraging him, but his wife Theodora, it will support the rebellion suppression. The emperor, in order to show you the power to celebrate and decided to build a large church.Based on what the world's best architects from Tralles (Aydınlı) Antemius mathematicianand scholar of Miletus İsidoros'tur geometry.

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