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Do you remember John's address? Yes, it's 27 Wood Lane. How long are you going to stay in Paris? About ten days altogether. She told me to put the milk and eggs in the fridge. Do you think it will rain tomorrow? Oh, I hope not. Could you talk more slowly, please? Mario doesn't speak English very well. Do you like football? No, I 


 it! He had a thick, black beard so we didn't recognize him at first. Where did you meet your husband? On a number 17 bus. She gave me a pen and asked me to sign my name. What do you want to be when you grow up? Alive and very rich. She asked me to take her books back to the library. Will you promise to phone me as soon as you arrive? Yes, of course I will. We're going to leave London and move to North Wales when we're 65. I don't speak French very well, but I understand quite a lot. Can you smell something burning? Oh dear! I forgot to switch off the oven! He gave the taxi-driver $10 and told him to keep the change. If you study hard, you should pass all your exams in the summer. You need to be very strong and fit to be a ballet dancer. I don't like playing tennis because I always lose Even my grandmother beats me!
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