A cold winter night, sitting in the hands of the outside edge of the window with a cup of hot chocolate while watching the repeated one sentence in mind ..:
Lay-again tightening the coupon ..
making a deposit slip, but this time something was different from others ..
quietly lay down the book from a shelf the book picked up and gazing up at the pages of "aha, there you are!", he said. claimed that attach to the middle of the book and at that time noticed was the release of a detail eye has arrived ..

clerical matches played games codes was not the same ..
re-appeared in his mind two questions: who is this coupon tightening, tightening, and who stole my voucher?
Flammable coffee before playing okey .. Khalil remembered to look at the coupon istediğnii halil slip back to the left, but .. and what you should do to find a coupon realized: first, in the hands of the owner must find a coupon. and knew very well how to do it ..

prepared to return to play okey coffee the next morning, left the house and began to walk. consent of the owner of the voucher in the hands of your brother's probably one of the tea-punter brat she hoped. As we had hoped, but was not going to work ..

coffee came, as usual sat on the desk, tea and gave the order to put their plan:
-One of the guys have forgotten my coupon yesterday paltoda, 334 e sub gave written by 1-1 to 356, I think I kept take kiminse come!

One of the slow movements from the crowd came up and sat on the desk .. but the attitude of looking at your face is very familiar .. and the man winced as they say:
-Tutturduysan give these debts now, get 1 month 2 days he was a man!

"Detective" looked at his face and a confident tone of voice "to be man run away, two min left mehmet stop climaxing, fucked, man, whatever you guys do not have a coupon'm gonna get to go after the dealer not to cry!" he said.
man approaching him on the coupon that it wanted to take a look, but do not want to delete the fingerprints of the detective, the man showed retained voucher. ivan man coupon dredimoviç (color story adds foreign names) from that of the man, but the man did not come every day, unlike the coffee today, he said.
As every keen detective will of man, Ivan decided to visit his home .. However, it is harmful to learn more curiosity would not last long ..

caught him in the shoulder and asked if he was about to leave göstediği coupon: where's Ivan's house?
man hand pointing to the end of the street: Look now, man, right from the street to the left handle of the oven there bi ..
Detective man interrupted: Leave a find man myself, if asked to Baghdad Asshole ..
finally came to the man's house .. knocked on the door, but that did not open .. omzuyla suspects and broke the door, came in, the smell coming from inside the house looking for her stomach and began to put his nose bulandırınca remove the handkerchief from his pocket .. I felt a cold hand on his shoulder when entering a full kitchen ..

ivan drekoviç'den hand was none other than .. ivan prying eyes stared down at the man and said: "There is a logical explanation I hope you enter my door broke into my house, sir!"
detective in a puzzled manner, replied: "not open the door detective instincts told me that there is something bad here, I had to do it .. how about you, why not opened the door?, and if you are experiencing what is that smell?
-He's an angry tone of voice "tightening in the bathroom, you not only respect the Turks maygı!"

Both events had calmed down after the detective told him and he asked her if she knows anything. A facial expression of the man is not sure: "I forgot to go back to the table after yesterday kuponumu Rummy picked up and headed home. Complete a gentleman called out to me was about to go inside and coupons involved, he had told me that my coupon, and get coupons in me and disappeared. I remember this.
-Can you describe the man, Mr. drekoviç?
-1.70 Tall, brunette, brown skinned.
Did you have a property to distinguish what might-?
-I think, had a gash on his face ..
God, goes back to his favorites was just below his left eye?
-Yes, how did you know, detective?
-Not, I can not believe it! bak çeviride yaptım degerimi bil =)


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