1 - Allows you to access the information,
2-Provides quicker access to information
3-go to a place is not seeing data about the
4-Film, Music & Videos Thanks Provides fun to spend time with
5-Social Communication Sites Thanks to the new friendships and obtains Shares
6 - Information and communication tool Fastest Visual Sense
7 - Contact Internet Countries and people closer to each other Aracıdı

1 - Time when used too much can cause loss of
2 - Hazardous Sites children and adults causes deterioration of Mental Health
3 - Expenditure wasted their time on-line games of children and violence drives them to reproduce.
4 - causes a decrease in the family share's
5-fraud and a suitable environment for Fraud
6 - the eyes, the neck and wrists variety of Bel cause discomfort.

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network, which is one of the most important inventions of the internet, we can find everything we wanted to learn. Reaching out to other countries of the world, thanks to the internet. However, the internet scares a lot of us can not ignore the danger. Especially some of the measures to be taken for the protection of children from harmful effects of the Internet there is a need. "How secure can we make the Internet the question of" being discussed.

Clean internet, useful Internet, potential hazards, to purify, to clearance protection from damage, use proper means to teach   İNTERNETİN ZARARLARIII