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Alanya Castle: The castle is a masterpiece of architecture. The coast is reminiscent of an eagle's eyrie. Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat in place of a fortress dating from earliest times has done. Therefore, also known as a castle Alaiye. In 1955, in the castle who repaired a mosque, a bazaar, Akbeşe Sultan Tekke, Aya Yorgi Church and the highest part of the hill is a palace.

Alara Castle: Antalya-Alanya highway, one built on a hill next to the Alara River. Up to 10 km from the coast inside.

The Red Tower: 1225'de built as a bastion of the Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat. Very high artistic value. Abi Ali Reha Kettari the son of the citadel of Sinop by the architect. The five-storey tower in Alanya. 12.5 m in each direction 8 corners. Two solid reddish stone, the other floors were made of red brick. Each observation of the place, trenches, pitch and boiling holes.

Fluted Minaret Mosque was built 1238'de. A masterpiece of the Seljuk era. Symbol of the city. The lower part of the minaret made of stone and square-shaped. The upper part is rounded and grooved, made of brick. The upper part of the mosque is covered with blue tiles. Mevlevi Lodge next to the mosque, madrasa, and has a complex with two tombs. Mosque, is used as a museum of ethnography.

Ahi Yusuf Mosque: 1249'da Ahi Yusuf in the name. The mosque built of hewn stone, square format. Ahi next to the mosque is the tomb of Joseph.

Bali Bey Mosque was built by Sultan Bayezid II era viziers Bali Bey. There is a large dome on an octagonal frame.

Korkut Mosque: The Broken Minaret, Cumanun Mosque, also called the Cami-i Kebir Mosque and Cihannüma. In the fifth century, the Church of Panaghia made. Converted into a mosque by Sultan Bayezid's son, Sultan Korkut. Was destroyed by fire in 1869.

Mehmed Pasha Mosque built by Mehmed Pasha Monopoly between 1593-1607. Walls coarse stone. There are three gates. Had been repaired twice in 1866 and 1926.

Emir Badr Mosque is a mosque in wood of the Seljuk period. Andızlı called Mosque. Alanya.

Musellim Mosque was built in 1796 by Mehmed Agha Haji Haji Osmanoğlu. Pulley inside the dome of the mosque and the section between the outer window pediments of the blue-and-white Kütahya tiles, the altar is covered with green glazed tiles.

Murad Pasha Mosque was built in 1570 by Murad Pasha the Well. Minaret two balcony. The side walls are decorated with Iznik tiles.

Omer Pasha Mosque: apple town. The bookstore was built in 1608 by Omer Pasha. 1870 and 1955 had been repaired.

Kale Mosque of Sultan Alanya lacinia made on time. Between the years 1530-1566 on the foundations of an old re-done by Suleiman the Magnificent Mosque of Sultan Suleyman in order to be referred to by name.

Karatay Madrasa: Celaleddin Karatay built by 1250. Structure, due to the niche with the names of Karatay Mosque, also referred to Darüssüleha.

Great Mosque and Madrasa: when and by whom it was made known. Popularly known as the soup kitchen.

Atabey Gift Madrasa: 1239'da Atabey built by Armagan. Today, only the lower part of the entry remains.

Order Sinaneddin Madrasa: Korkuteli Near 1319'da Hamidoğullarından was built by Emir Sinaneddin. Cut stone and has two floors.

Fountain Madrasa: Elmalı is made in the early nineteenth century. Nowadays used as a library.

The house is Khan: Korkuteli near the first Izzeddin Keykavus built by the Seljuk Sultan.

Alara Inn: Alanya and Konya, the Seljuk era's most beautiful kervansaraylarındandır on the highway. In 1231 was built by the lacinia.

Kırkgöz Khan: Kaykhusraw was built by Sultan. Antalya-Burdur highway.

Şaropsa Khan: Antalya-Alanya highway. Sultan was built Kaykhusraw. The building is rich with decorations.

Lighthouse: Nevşehirli Damad Ibrahim Pasha, on a hill in Alanya, this lighthouse was built in 1720. Vessels in the Mediterranean has shown the way for many years.

Tekelioglu Library: History is a work in which manuscripts are very valuable.

Bazaar: the Seljuk made bricks. Alanya castle was used as a store of material. There are 26 rooms overlooking a courtyard 38x36 meters in size.

Seljuk Shipyard: Alanya. Made for the construction of the ship by the Seljuks. Five big-eyed. Although 700 years in the castle are great sailing ships.

Antalya Regional Museum was established in 1923 and in 1972 moved to new premises. In pre-history and history is full of valuable works.

In the Black: It is going to village. Since the year 1894, according to research that illuminates the old cycles, as rich as it is in a cave, not anywhere in the world. 50 items found here dating back a thousand years.

Perge, Antalya is nearby. BC 7. century, the old city was founded. Theater with stadium is quite large. Stadium 27 000 people. Perge has an important place in 


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