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Merhaba ;


An Earl and his family lived in the castle.This is the Count's wife became sick and died.Now married to a woman who lived in a house across the count.the two of them had a daughter.their name was Anastasia and javot ISE.These days the castle after the Count's daughter was moved to a Nov and was abusive.Time passed and the count died.Cinderella and the stepmother was abusive to the children.After a long time a Prom organized.The reason for this was the Son of the king like the girls abroad.I have installed a lot of stepmother Cinderella and her sisters.Cinderella until the moment the Son of work he did.The Friends of Cinderella the dishes then nice to him a dress made.But half-brothers tore their clothes and get so jealous of old tops.Then an angel appeared to him.12.00 glowing back at her and also what you said.She went there and fell in love with Cinderella the Prince Cinderella.The Prince spent time with Cinderella, and then Cinderella it's gone.When you go shoes there thought.They are received into the bosom of the prince, the glass slipper.The owner of the slipper he wanted the prince to be present.When the stepmother heard this news, Cinderella in the room closed.They had taken the key out of pocket Cinderella stepmother's wages friends.Cinderella tried the shoe.Your foot the shoe fully .The prince and Cinderella are married.They were very happy.

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