10 tane ingilizce soru istiyorum ve cevaplarını yes ve no ile yes ve no böle olacak örnek ama bu soru cümlesi değil siz bana soru cümlesi verin yanlış vereni şikayet ederim bu örnek do you like copmputer games yes,ı like computer g. no ı dont like computer games bunun gibi ama soru cümlesi acillll 6. sınıf olsun



Is this a good restaurant?No. / No, it is not. / No, it is not a good restaurant.Are these islands Greek?Yes. / Yes, they are. / Yes, these islands are Greek.Was his idea interesting?No. / No, it wasn’t. / No, his idea was not interesting.Were they happy?Yes. / Yes, they were. / Yes, they were happy.Note that the response can be short (Yes. / No.), or long: Yes or No followed by the subject and verb.Use the verb BE with a preposition to ask Yes / No questions about a present or past location.question responseAm I at the correct location?No. / No, you aren’t.Are the keys under the books?No. / No, they are not.Was his house on an island?Yes. / Yes, it was.Were the demonstrations in the center of town?No. / No, they weren’t.Use the verb BE to ask a Yes / No question about a current activity or situation. This requires the present progressive : BE + (verb+ing). 
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