En İyi Cevap!

illa sularlamı ilgili :(   ilk olarak su ile ilgili şunları dicem 1) dont throw plastic bootles into rivers and sea. 2)dont throw litter into to the sea 3) use less detergents and washings up liguisds (şimdi diğer çevre sorunları ile ilgili)  4) dont cut trees or plants 5) dont hurt threes or plants 6) never ligth fivers in the forest 7) dont kill animals 8) protect animals 9) turn of the tap when you are brushing your teeth. 10) turn off the ligth when you dont use them 11) use public transport 12)dont use deodorants 13) use environmental friendly products 14) dont use plastic bags 15) recyle your trush 16) dont throw letter on tje street  17) we should take shorter shower because water is importont  (  geriye kalan 3 tane aklıma gelmedi



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