What are the benefits of the technology, as well as losses in our lives.Technology at the beginning of our lives, while, for example, that inventions television;-too many side effects of durursak (eye cancer, eye diseases, rupture of social life, recession, dependency, weakness) is made up of things like.Television addict is a human, does not always watching television at home in no time at all he wants;.Even if you want to get up from the very beginning that television crane.Not only the beginning of a human computer, a computer addict. do you want to be at a computer 24/7, and leads to brain cancer brain nörmleri by killing the Buddha.Brain cancer, affect the whole brain and human feet in 15 minutes would be paralyzed. after 2 minutes, arms, waist, back of the head, spine, are affected and no activity is forbidden.Remains paralyzed.After about 5 minutes it stops and source of veins in the brain bursts.As a result, loses the people's lives.2 and a half hours on the phone talking, kept our 1000 g/ml in the amount of radiation and as a result, the brain cannot remove this radiation and if it happens to you, you are like a crane plummeted; that all brain cells die and ölürsünüz.Phone, such as a computer is supposed to lead to the death of our technological tools.To avoid this, do not overdo kaçmamalıyız, a 5-minute rest every half hour to do.