1. No food is to be taken out of the canteen. All food should be eaten inside the canteen.

2. Put all wrappers, uneaten food and empty food and drink containers in the garbage bins. Tables should be left clean and free from any form of food.

3. Clean up any spills.

4. Enter the canteen in an orderly manner

5. Students who bring lunch to school or have lunch delivered should eat this in the canteen.


Behave in an appropriate and respectful manner at all times.



Students are not allowed into the kitchen area.


Students are not to be in the canteen during class time unless a conducted there.

class is being


Please leave the canteen clean and free of litter at all times



DO NOT EXIT through the rear door of the canteen.

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be quiet

dont run

be respectfil to people

put the litter in the litter bin

be kind the people

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