is there  any milk in fridge

are there eggs on box

is there one pencil in your  pencilcase


there is any milk in the fridge

there are two  apples in the fridge


(bu tarz cümleler kurabilirsin...)

2 3 2

there is a book.

there is a apple

there is a mouse

there is a telephone

there is a rubber

1 5 1

There is apple on the table.

There is pencil in the pencilcase.

There is book in the bag.

There is child in the home.

There is student in the school

 Bunlar olumlular ..

There isn't book in the bag.

There isn't notebook on the desk.

There isn't ruler on the table.

There isn't pencil in the pencilcase.

There isn't water in the bottle.

There are books

There are pencils.

There are pencilcase.

There are students in the school

There are children in the home 


2 5 2