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Çanakkale War I. Gallipoli Peninsula during World War II between the years of 1915-1916 between the Ottoman Empire and Allies Battle of sea and land. [9] The Entente Powers, the capital city of Constantinople by the Ottoman Empire to take control of the Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits, Russia agricultural and open a path to a secure military trade with the German allies out of the war, leaving one of the States to undermine the objectives of the Alliance entered the Dardanelles as the first target. However, the attacks failed and had to retreat. The outcome of the war both sides had very heavy losses.
The Ottoman Empire, Germany declared war on Russia on August 1 1914, immediately following, signed a treaty of alliance with Germany. This treaty, the Empire eventually sided with the Central Powers of Germany formed the main force actually means to go into battle. Enver Pasha, actually to enter the war, mobilization has not been completed and not completed for reasons such as the defense of the Dardanelles tried to postpone. Germany, however, continued to pressure for a moment before entering the actual war. These pressures taken in front of the Mediterranean, the British navy warships Goeben and Breslau were brought to Istanbul was an accomplished one coming. Later, a group of Ottoman Navy ship these ships to the Black Sea on October 27, 1914 bombalayınca Russian ports in Russia, declared war on the Ottoman Empire.
Secretary of the Navy United Kingdom Winston Churchill, in September of 1914 by passing the Dardanelles fleet Prime Minister Herbert Asquith has a plan for the occupation of Istanbul. The plan was implemented through various stages and a fleet of ships of the United Kingdom and France, the first large-scale attacks on the Bosphorus, was launched in February 1915. Is the most powerful attack was launched on March 18, 1915. United Navy and naval military operation, however, suffered very heavy losses had to be given up to expire.
Discovered a land campaign in the Dardanelles campaign in the sea can not be reached Istanbul, the Ottoman coastal artillery batteries were raised to seize plan. Under this plan the British and French forces at the dawn of April 25, 1915 at five points, the land was south of the Gallipoli Peninsula. Removing the forces of the British and French, although they have succeeded to establish bridgeheads coast of Cape Helles and Anzac stubborn

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Battle of Gallipoli in the first world war with its own unique character, history changed the fate of a nation reaches the right to live with dignity saga of heroism. The purpose of this study is to be better than this epic War and önemsenebilmesidir.Çanakkale Causes And Development
Nusret - Mersin
After all developments during the First World War and the war in terms of the structure of the Dardanelles, which conveniently mined by the Turkish troops. Çanakkale War I. During World War I the British and French opened the wars against the Ottoman Empire in order to seize the Dardanelles Strait occurs. Battle of Çanakkale defense scheme of internal, external and middle regions, and the command of the third band Cevat Beydeydi miralay. November 3rd 1914, a few days after the declaration of war was no redoubt outside of the throat. Istanbul, the Russians do not want to enter the force of 40,000 Greeks had offered to send help. British and French on their throats that they have offered to Russia. The enemy defense, as the bastion of neutralized job of cleaning the throat and the sweep was carried out successfully. But the night of March 7-8 under the command of Captain Nusret Bey, was mined again stalking the port area. Mines and the firing batteries, the Allied Powers were forced to retreat to lose a lot of force. In addition, the first Themselves on the same side in World War II in England and France, Russia wanted to help. This assistance on land, by sea on the European continent aşamadıklarından a strong barrier of Germany agreed to perform. The first passage to the first obstacle to overcome and captured the Boğazıydı Canakkale. This is easily geçilebileceğine believed Bosphorus Strait has been exceeded. Thus, the Mediterranean-Black Sea route in England, France and Russia will control the capital Istanbul, the Ottoman Empire out of the war would have been lost.

The Ottoman Empire entered the war on the Ottoman Empire and the British-French fleet in August 1914 received from the bottom of the Dardanelles Straits input-output controls. November-December 1914 the Turkish redoubt defending against several attacked the throat. But the sea was harekatı19 February 1915. Anglo-French fleet of 40 ships attack from both sides of the Bosphorus Turkish artillery opened heavy fires fought back. February 25 attacks, the second largest gorge 19515'teli succeeded in defending the outer and the inner redoubt redoubt silence in the face of resistance can not get into the throat. Faced with this situation by collecting all their forces, they decided to organize an operation to get accurate results. Turks and forces on both sides of the strait waiting for such a development increased. Mine poured the waters of the Bosphorus many. March 18, 1915 on the day of the attack had started at the beginning of a great Anglo-French fleet was hit by four armored mines. Two of these sinks, remained stable in both. I stayed out of the war as a result of fire opened a few small boat from the shore. Trying to withdraw these developments seriously wounded two French armored vehicle hit a mine in the. At the end of the first day of the war perpetrated by a long preparation was defeated such an Anglo-French fleet was forced to withdraw from the Dardanelles.

March 18 raid on the land unless the Dardanelles, late show is to help the British, French and Anzaklardan April 25, 1915 a force of 70,000 people were landed at Cape Helles and the Bee regions of the nose. This is the force of terrestrial vehicles 308 109 war ships and special vehicles backed stickers. If the Turkish army to defend against these forces as the 5th gave the army.

Despite all this, the enemy forces did not succeed. Mustafa Kemal 17th day of the first extraction Conkbayırda infantry regiment stopped and prevented the big grass hill falling into enemy hands. But there have been persistent attacks. May, June, July, hand to hand fighting went on for months. Durakladıysa a break from the war in the Dardanelles in early August to overtake the final cut as a result of pressure from the British government has prepared a new plan of attack. Were again defeated in the Navy as a result of heavy attack. The war continued in full swing. Continued on the sea. Nurulbahir ship sank in the Turkish army, took Gohcemal ferry wound. However, Galiath battleship was sunk troops of the Entente.

In June, the bloody trench wars began. The French and the British army of 50,000 people 25,000 people with the support of the Turkish army shelling attack went on. This attack was the bloodiest war in Çanakkale. Remove from the beginning that day until the Turkish army to 70,000 losses were close. In spite of everything the enemy was unable to progress. The new target Anafartalar plateau and Big çimen'i was captured.