This is the first business day of the week, those who have jobs, businesses are going. Orhan's a job that has for a long time of course but do not leave a good job does not want to go. Last week, the best job, had lost a dog to search. I thought this job was not as easy for him. To call a man a dog was more difficult to call. Is searching for a man would have, population records, from friends or their most recent work from the work begins, the trace were found. However, if you have lost a dog, was very difficult to find unless you are a rare species. Experience had shown it. Sometimes, it is calling the dog remembers how, could not get laughed at himself. There was a dog in his hand size image. This picture was actually a boy, a dog standing on two legs of the language exposure had given out. Golden yellow color, bright and with wavy hair, low-eared, white on the left to itch a Golden Retriever dog was that genus. Although a rare type of stray dogs looked so ordinary.Although a rare type of stray dogs looked so ordinary. Orhan was between him street by street, a picture showing people that the "name Bead, very valuable is a dog, you will be rewarded by the owner if you say no," he said. Some of my "lost dog will search among the people had better not do?" He even had out badly. Then, two days after a customer was looking for him, the job ended, the dog came home unhurt, he had reported to thank for the ****. He forced the money, said he was glad. In such cases, so that's the case ending in spontaneous, if the call passes through several days are over, the actual wage received was 10%. This was something like consolation for him


Night of a holiday. I'm having a lot of thieves in the neighborhood. I'm watching television the night came a sound side neighbor. Immediately, I looked at the camera from the computer. Thieves stole a neighbor's jewelry. I opened the door and jumped on top of one of the thieves. I have enough to beat the thief. Then, I ran to the other thief caught. I have enough to beat the other thief. Then, I called the cell phone police. They took me to jail criminals.

Bir tatil gecesiydi. Hırsızların çok olduğu bir mahallede yaşıyorum. Ben gece televizyon izlerken yan komşudan bir ses geldi. Hemen, bilgisayardan kameraya baktım. Hırsızlar komşunun mücevherlerini çalmış. Kapıyı açtım ve hırsızlardan birinin üstüne atladım. Ben hırsızı yeterince dövdüm. Sonra, ben koşarak diğer hırsızı da yakaladım. Ben diğer hırsızı da yeterince dövdüm. Sonra, Ben cep telefonla polisi aradım. Onlar suçluları hapse götürdü.