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After my trip to Brugge and Ghent train acted 11:58 hours. Belgian train system is working quite nicely. Tickets go on somewhere else on the line where you can continue your journey by train later. In the city of Bruges Brussels Ghent and is there any chance of making the trip free of charge. Nice and sunny weather remains the same. About 14-15 degrees. A great day to explore new places.

Sient-Pieters train station about 25 minutes later came to Gent. I have looked but could not find a depository where you can drop the bag. When I asked the clerk showed me the automatic machines. The system works like this: small, medium and large closets there. You choose one of them according to the size of your luggage and close the lid to put your goods there. The system automatically locks the cabinet and says you need to take charge. The all-day escrow fee € 3, respectively, € 3.5 and € 4. When you receive a voucher with the money on the bar code. Keep it. Cover automatically opens when you return to the optical reader touch in it.

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