ahmet is taller than ayşe

ferrari is faster than posch

englısh teacher is better than match teacher

sandy is more beautiful than kardelen

michael and mogan is older than merlin

Kader is shorter than her son

Plane is faster than bus.
Hidayet is taller than İbrahim..
Kızılırmak is longer than Çoruh River
Our grandfather is older than my mother
İstanbul is the most expensive city in Turkey.

New York is the most popular city in the USA. 
Ayşe is her eldest niece.
My sister is the most carefully reader of all her friends.
Ali writes most quickly of all the students.
A rabbit runs the fastest of all the animals in the forest.
The youngest boy woke up the earliest in the family.
Plane is the fastest vehicle. 
This winter is the hottest winters of the last ten years.
İstanbul is most expensive city in Turkey.

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