8.sınıfın 5.ünitesi bu ama kitapda yazmıyor sen en iyisi türkçesini bul çeviriden yap :D


Limits (Article 27-36), including Edirne and Kırklareli large part of Thrace to Greece, Ceyhan, Gaziantep, Urfa, Mardin and Cizre to leave urban centers in Syria, Istanbul will be the capital of the Ottoman Empire;


Straits (Article 37-61): Bosphorus and Dardanelles Straits and the Marmara Sea, stripped of weapons of war and in time of peace will be open to ships of all States, the Straits of maritime traffic from ten countries, led by an international commission, the commission deems necessary, when the Allied States can call help equip;

Kurdish region (Article 62-64): English, French, and Italian, a commission composed of representatives of the Kurdish provinces of the east of the Euphrates order to establish a local government, a year after the independence of the Kurds wishes to apply for the League of Nations


Izmir (Article 65-83): Approximately limited to the area of present-day Izmir province of the Ottoman Empire, the use of the sovereign rights of Greece, will leave for a period of five years, at the end of this period the region to join the Ottoman or plebiscite held in Greece;

Armenia (Article 88-93): Ottoman Empire to recognize the Republic of Armenia, the Turkish-Armenian border, U.S. President will determine the capacity of arbitrator (the decision of President Wilson, November 22, 1920 in Trabzon, Erzurum, Van and Bitlis provinces gave to Armenia.)
Arab countries and islands (Article 94-122): Ottoman Empire lost the war or before the Arab countries will not claim any rights over Cyprus and the Aegean Islands;


Minority Rights (art. 140-151): The Ottoman give equal rights to all citizens regardless of religion and language, the relocation will return the goods to the non-Muslim minorities at all levels will be free to establish schools and religious institutions of the Ottoman Empire in this respect need to be supervised by the Allied States ;

Military Matters (Article 152-207): the military forces of the Ottoman Empire, including the gendarmerie and heavy weapons will be limited to 50 700 people have them. [1] [5] will be eliminated by the Turkish navy in the Marmara Region bulunduramayacak military facilities, military service is voluntary and paid will be minorities to participate in the army, the army and the gendarmerie to be audited by the Allied Control Commission;


War Crimes (Article 226-230) accused of war crimes will be tried during the massacres and deportations;
Liabilities and Indemnities War (Article 231-260): the Ottoman Empire, war reparations be required due to the financial situation, the debt will be erased Turkey, Germany and its allies, but the control of Turkish finances, the Inter-Allied Commission to be financial;


Capitulations (art. 260-268) abolished the capitulations of the Ottoman Empire in 1914, as one-sided in favor of the citizens of allied states re-established;

Trade and Private Law (Article 269-414): Turkish law and administrative arrangement will be made according to the rules specified by the Allies in almost every area, non-marine and rail traffic between the Allied Powers led to the division of labor within the framework of the business and workers' rights will be held
with the provisions of a treaty.



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