Brief Information on the Battle of Çanakkale

Çanakkale Front I. A facade which opened as a result of the Allied forces in World War II attack. Front of the bloodiest wars in the history of the Turkish army made the world an extraordinary success in Canakkale Although it had killed tens of thousands of the enemy did not pass.

British warships, Nusret struck a mine laid by secretly the night before, was buried in the depths of the Bosporus (March 18, 1915).

Mustafa Kemal, Anzac, Anzac, Conkbayiri and has achieved important successes Kilitbahir defeating the enemy. "I am ordering you to die, not offensive" word of Turkish soldiers, saying that the war should be pointed out that no matter what it will be.

Place at the time of our life, and the National

November 3, 1914 and March 18, 1915 a series of naval battles that took place between the Dardanelles Gallipoli Peninsula, April 25, 1915 - 8 / land wars which took place between January 9, 1916, the most glorious pages in Turkish history epic filled out a victory.

Çanakkale Victory, the great Turkish nation, Ataturk, was even one of the leading gift. Foundations of the Turkish war of independence, the waters of Gallipoli, Conkbayırı and Anafartalar eateries, these victories, the Turkish Independence War played in yeast.

Canakkale to Istanbul, Mustafa Kemal Pasha, the hero who saved Turkish nation recognized Anafartalar May 19, 1919 he went to Samsun day Turkish people are returning to Anatolia, Syria and Palestine fronts as a discharge, "This is my hero komutanımdı saying," His interlocked with around participated in the War of Independence.

The Turkish nation and the world, so recognizing him, and he Conkbayiri, nation and the Turkish troops Kocaçimen'de main ore market bloodbath of life by allowing closer then conclude the opinion that undertake more decisive victory War of Independence ever committed. Kazanılmasaydı the victory of March 18, the enemy fleet, you enter in Istanbul in March 1915 the Ottoman Empire çökertebilecekti nu.

Can not get into the sea, the Allies crossed the Dardanelles to Istanbul, from 8 to 9 January 1916, which lasted until April 25, 1915 by Mustafa Kemal durdurulamasaydı Çanakkale wars on land, aid allies in the First World War, Tsarist Russia will gain the shortest path to be demolished, olmayabilecekti probably the Bolshevik Revolution in October 1917. In this case, will accelerate the defeat of Germany and the 1st World War II, perhaps due to expire in 1915. Victory for the continuation of war for 4 years, the three empires (Ottoman, Tsarist and Austrian / Hungarian Empire) led to deletion of the stage of history. Accurate blows to the enemy by hitting them in the Gallipoli Peninsula Alb-defeating. Mustafa Kemal's victory torch lit on top of Anzac, elucidated the path of the Liberation War.

Thus, the crowning victory March 18 25 April, after the land wars of the sea, thanks to the leadership of Mustafa Kemal victories in an effective, national history and its active role in shaping the history of the world is possible to collect the above-mentioned points.