At the commencement of the school and the first months passed, sometimes even in a crowd accustomed to shyness by known girgin olaylardandır feel alone and the consequent himself This shyness as a child's school will become bored If this situation continues for a long while children stand on the school it is necessary to call alışamazsa then the reasons for Parents to make their own business or to the rest of the child's school, the course as an opportunitythe child hissettirirse, especially a brother from whom the child also has smaller, remaining at home, this behavior does not go to school and create a jealousy in the child's school is in itself not to over-use the directive from the children's home oyuncaklarına dokunmayacağından, live-in brother and personal goodies cannot damage them must be sure that only then can follow the lessons at the school house and give himself thinking about classes


Child separation power, this occasionally, it would leave a relative or friend that he loves, the mother off 3-4 hours geçirtilerek travels in time is very short, I do not ayrılıklara alıştırılıp the power must be provided


The child does not want to go to school once the mother crying frequently, sticking his hand in what the child should indulge in violence nor insightful It is required by yerleşmemesi the best remedy for children with hasbıhal to deliver it to talk with the school teacher the school children oyalayıp this one is requested to help him until the boy isteksizlikten and in a short space of time, school, friends, and teachers who likes


Evlatlarımızın istiqballeri primary school will take shape in the Parent Teacher Association and a healthy way to witness this difficult days of her interest in the facility and doing esirgememeliyiz Kantarın knob set healthy and we have to avoid what şımarmasını nor bunalmasına opportunity
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