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 Environment plays an important role in the lives of all living things. Population growth, urbanization, industrialization has made important contributions factors such as an increase in environmental pollution.

Environmental problems, especially in the second half of the last century has been one of the most important issues that occupy the world agenda. Of course, this does not mean that environmental problems exist before. Population growth, urbanization and industrialization and wastes released to the environment due to factors such as the need to increase the quantity and types. Environmental pollution is the major air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution appears to be.

Dimensions of environmental problems, environmental pollution, solid waste pollution is shaped as increasing local pollution, acid rain and global warming pollution in the shaping of regional and global pollution occurring ozone layer depletion has expanded.

On the serious threats to humans and other living things, environmental problems (that cause various important diseases, and sometimes these diseases result in death) is increasing with each passing day. Diverse diseases caused by environmental pollution on living things. Gallery of these diseases, asthma, respiratory diseases such as chronic bronchitis, heart and blood vessel disease, kidney disease, various cancers cases, various eye diseases, such as cholera, infectious diseases, hearing disorders, aggressive behavior, stress on the tissues of plants and trees include adverse effects. These diseases are often people, plants and animals lead to fatal cases.

Is not only the only creatures in the harmful effects of environmental pollution. Harmful effects on inanimate things speak for themselves. Environmental pollution, air pollution as well as buildings, vehicles and materials creates a negative impact on.

Increase in size of the harmful effects of environmental pollution and the sensitivity to environmental issues has increased its efforts to development and growth. These efforts meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs of future generations in particular referred to as "sustainable development" concept has led to its prominence in both national and international level. This is the maximum extent of the development and growth efforts for the conservation of nature and the environment would be how important it is revealed that the need for scrutiny.

Serious dimensions of environmental problems and the necessary measures are not taken the necessary measures to be taken will continue to rise further reveals the dimensions of the problem.

 Industrialization as a result of efforts to revitalize itself, such as wood and metals, as well as a variety of serious pressure on energy resources are self-renew.

     Increased tissue damage trees and plants, forests and plant species as a result of this erosion is increasing gradually decreasing. Desertification as a result of increasing growth and diversification of artmaktadır.Atıkların, air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution continues to be a major problem in the present century. Industrial activities, motor vehicles, construction and maintenance activities such as noise pollution continues to increase as a result.

Intensive use of fossil fuels, acid rain increases. Significantly increased as a result of warming, global warming, greenhouse gases cause climate changes artırmaktadır.Küresel.

Droughts and floods are increasing as a result of climate change. Forest fires are a result of global warming, sea level rise in the risk of major fatal diseases, such as artmaktadır.Kanser is a significant increase.

Artmaktadır.Çevre fatal cases, the problem of water pollution into olmaktadır.Sağlıklı increases, subconsciously seen a reduction in biodiversity due to reasons such as hunting


Environment as a Problem of air pollution, the effects and consequences of environmental problems of air, water, soil and noise pollution appears to be. All living things on earth, air, water and soil, their lives continue using. This is the biggest reason pollute environment and human activities. During periods of low population, there has been no such thing as environmental issues, the environment polluted by human beings, by nature, has been rendered harmless. Today, the same property of nature, were helpless in the face of extreme contamination. Nature of this excessive pollution, environmental scientist and came to the fore the concept of ecological balance. Which is of Latin origin "Ecology" for the first time the word was used by the German Ernest Haecken, refers to the relationships between organisms environment. Rapid change and development in the areas of technical means "Industrial Revolution" led to an increase in the population, while increasing collection of solutions to problems which made it difficult for the population in urban areas. The pressure on the nature of the industrial revolution, has been hurtful, destructive nature. During this period knew no obstacles in the future without considering the harmful consequences of nature knows everything get cut off, consuming countries have dominated philosophy of water, soil and air pollution, especially in oil consumption of energy resources have emerged. 




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