Life today is remarkably changed compared to that of our forefathers’ time. Take, for instance, new inventions in the home. The rice-cooker, pressure cooker, gas stove, electric oven, microwave oven, electric toaster and food-processor are a great boon to housewives who find cooking and preparing meals very much easier now than in the olden days. Now time is saved because electricity cuts long hours of tedious work and we find we can afford to spend more time on hobbies and other activities.
The rice-cooker is a real time-saver and it is so simple to operate that even a child of ten or so can handle it and dish out perfectly cooked rice. So are the other gadgets which save the housewife long hours of labour.
Besides the kitchen gadgets, there are others like the vacuum-cleaner for cleaning the house, the electric lawn-mower for trimming the grass and the washing-machine for washing the clothes.Life for housewives today is more relaxing and they have more free time to attend to their children or do reading, sewing, shopping and visiting