"In life the most genuine" Description of the Word
What is mentioned in the famous words of Atatürk, the most genuine meaning in life? Description of the most genuine promise of life, writing about the information.


Thanks to science Mankind has reached the summit of civilization. Deprived nations are doomed to crush him. Because the guiding light of science aydınlatamamıştır them.

Unstable foundation of a building collapse. In daily life, air, water science is equally important, how much is required. Today çözümleyebilmiştir secrets of the universe, but science. Hz. Ali, "who teaches me a word slave for 40 years," he does not reveal Does the importance of science? Science and technology has added new life, color and entertainment. Shes the one who provides us with all the facilities.

Was the transfer of the fables. Leading science nasibimizi not get enough crushing and we would be condemned to the stage of history from being deleted.

Fenin Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, and recognizes the importance of the trend. Ilerleyebilmemizin the race for growth and our world through science might be able to think and right about it.

Özdeyişindeki the most genuine meaning of the word guru guide in life. Knowledge and the way of our progress here will Ataturk Fenin kılavuzluktan talking about.


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the most  genuine  mentor in life  is science