1 - Sales accordance with the consumption of food in front of the canteen, a consumer must be a hygienic and reliable.

2 - Ventilation and chimney should be done in order to prevent any odors, illumination and heating of the environment should be healthy enough and.

3 - Canteens, more marble, countertop lined with stainless steel or similar material should be of potable cold and hot water systems must be found, dish washer, should be available and a separate hand-washing sink for hand washing bauda with the Ministry of Health authorized disinfectant liquid hand soap paper towels should.

4 - Bench and at the location of the sink wall (except for parts of the cabinet), at least to a height of 2 meters, light-colored tiles, marble or similar material and easy to clean floor, marble, ceramic, tile, etc. must be covered with a waterproof material, floor and ceiling well-maintained (kırıksız , crack), and must be visibly clean, dirty water and food crumbs on the ground must be an expense that provides easy release.


listen to the teacher 

you can go by bike to scholl

don't run in the corridors 

wear clean scholl uniforms