to my dear friend,

i crack you open and the sound of the ’ssssss’ is like heaven to my ears, you have been there for me when im alone, and bored. When I had a bad day at work or a fight with the other half you are there. I drink a few and disappear into the world that i perfere. You help me come out of my shell and tell people around the way i am feeling the things that have been running through my mind i can tell. Oh my friend if only you could understand the way I feel before we start our time together. So down in the dumps so sad and depressed. The feelings i keep inside for so long i can’t allow the to come out, Who wants to hear them? you do. I know that the morning after you let me down I feel horrible again but for just the one simple night I can just relax and let it all out. oh my dear friend I love the taste of sweet relief i get from you. I know its wrong, I know I shouldn’t rely on you as much as I do. You keep me broke, and cause fights around the home but for that simple few hours i can let it all go away. I have trouble sleeping at night i lay in bed for hours and hours Ive tried the pill that the doc gave me they didn’t help to much..not like you. I’m rather a shy person up front I find it hard to make new friends but when I’m with you my friend I make lots of friends and i’m not so shy. Really my friend your not my friend you take the money, you cause fights, you make me sick and do things i shouldn’t but during that night i enjoy it so much. When i smell the scent you have oh boy its like seeing a pretty lady wearing sexy lingerie in bed, you give me quivvers down my spine and make me feel so alive. I see the world without its disguise I see those ladies looking so fine, without you they wouldn’t pass my eye. I know you have the downsides to being with me, i tend to fall alot down the stairs, i forget how to get home and cant find the keyhole but my dear friend you have made me feel so much better over the years you’ve taken my pain away and eased my thoughts. I want to thankyou for all you’ve done but I’m not sure that our friendship can continue on….

Yours Sincerly

Ian Andre