herkez köyde yaşıyorlarmış ingilizce konuşuyorlar


Commercial poultry although not the chickens and geese are grown in the region. Taste of goose meat is very del.icious but also is famous. Cattle in the village, as breeding cows, bullocks and heifers as commercial farming is done. Coming from the outside in spring sheepfarmer some time to sell milk in the village, the people of other income is not an active, grown bullocks and heifers, dry county in need in the market by selling the animals needed for cash flow needs can be ensured. Economic situation as well as those who had raised sacrificial bullocks and heifers fed in the Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir in major cities such as markets. Of course, this job is very difficult and this risk is greater risk in the vicinity who can not afford, do prefer to sell al. Economically very weak, but the village level in two of three from the sacrificial family farming can be done. Do this job with continuous effort to export earnings in the west and does not invest in the village except for temporary investments.Do this job with continuous effort to export earnings in the west and does not invest in the village except for temporary investments. Approximately eight months of the year the winter season is dominated by the region, agriculture has not grown. In the winter months in animals fed to the local people in the winter months feed their animals spent for the job even though the three-hour work day is ample time for other parts of the coffee shop other than the non social activities Batak villagers, has suffered in the game okay so. The same chances that do not have free time, women, or at the beginning of television, or hand the job done even though the men spent as leisure is not. (To the details in our next article we'll mention in particular) under the white quilt sleeping area, the arrival of spring season with a wrap of green begins to wake up. Inside for months (in barns) of pasture-fed animals grazing the village out to the heels, take out the cows, bullocks, heifers are divided into three groups as they are needed to shepherd will graze up to the autumn.We have tried to transfer for now, but a rough draft and a brief in detail in the next series, with difficulties, needs, joy and suffering of the village and the villagers describe Sulakçayır will) be fine tomorrow Wishing blowing thick.