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Erzurum Congress Resolutions (in the building of the Congress of Erzurum)

Erzurum Congress , July 21 - August 7th 1919 , between Erzurum at the convention was collected. The majority of the Congress occupied the eastern province of 5 Trabzon, Erzurum, Sivas, Bitlis and Van, the 62 delegates participated in two week-long congress decisionsLiberation Struggle in the monitored line has been a significant determinant.

This congress has not revised Ataturk. Although a regional congress in Erzurum congress decisions that affect the entire nation has been

Erzurum Congress delegates as interim president , Raif Efendi Hoca opened, and then a vote by polling Mustafa Kemal Pasha, Chairman of the congress.

In fact, on July 10 [1] at the start foreseen. But could not make it due to a portion of the delegates was postponed to July 23. [2]

Erzurum congress decisions:

Within the national boundaries of a whole country, broken down. All kinds of resistance to foreign occupation and intervention together and defend the nation against the pass. Istanbul established a temporary government fails to provide the Government of the independence of the country. This government was elected by the national congress.Congress is collected, it will make the selection of the Board of Representatives. Of the nation effectively, it is essential to dominate the national will. Disrupt the dominance of political and social stability can not be given privileges to minorities. However, this citizens' lives, property and attack all kinds of chastity preserved. Mandates and patronages are unacceptable. Sultanate and caliphate collected from the office of the national powers of national will and will recover. The collection of the House of Deputies and the government immediately tried to control his work as a nation. The aim of the colonial states bear the technical, industrial and economic aid can be accepted

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  • Eodev Kullanıcısı

In the last four cornerstones of the Turkish political life, the Nationalist Action Party, was performed last weekend in the history of one of the most important Congresses. Turkey and the world is undergoing a transformation process, which is one of the most painful issues most important interlocutors "Nationalist Movement", in the coming period will be in a position to tips on how to Congress, the "race" was given in part ta. MHP is one of the oldest political parties in Turkey with the dynamics of the base just in Congress "will delegate with" not understanding its place in the historical process to explain the MHP and the MHP. In 1908, MHP has before 1980, just as the "three kind-i-politics" in the "Islamist Justice and Development Party" of the "Garpçı CHP" of the Ottoman Empire, as he "three-liberation recipe" from the third, the "nationalism" to represent için.1908 from 1980 came in the process of "state" in these three sacayağıyla trying to stay alive, but most of all, for fear of Islamism in Garp'tan afraid of "nationalism" tutunduğunu speaking, the MHP's "state goes hand in hand" by adding the fear of himself "state" and "state" according to semantics can understand.
This preference MHP, "State" in the reflexes, fears, and eventually a scenario eklemlemiş and true "destiny association" what felt compelled to. MHP's "tragedy" s preference started with this: "Government commitment" was replaced by "obedience to order in of the establishment" received, "Long live the state order just wither away" in a kind of slogan filled.
Tragedy, comedy: 1980-99
MHP's "feleğin circle" from the occurrence and the "State" against his first big disappointment was September 12. Sensing the news of the revolution "I wonder if my parents did," he thought, "attempted to kiss hand" brutality soaking up the felt. So much so that the prison term after a name Heads of Centres Ulku "over time, we realized that, I love this state, this state nationalists nor the nationalists," he said. In 1992, the MHP in prisons where these interrogations "decomposition" of the germs of the first. Özallı years after September 12, "Idealist Movement" in the political prison staff to a large extent to the beginning of the 90s, and finally in 1992, "God is migrated to Mount Hira Mountain" together with the kırılmalarla MHP, not only politically, "an intellectual and fennen "a" crisis "was in a. MHP this "interregnum period" acting like the last, of the death of Alparslan Türkeş "feelings of loyalty" and the arrest of Abdullah Ocalan, the surging "nationalist wave" wind in the sails bulabilmişti. This "lucky" the heir of the period in the "quiet power" would be Garden State. MHP is a partner in the ruling 57 Discussed what the Government succeeded or failed each time, but for the most part of this period the base of the MHP's own "ideals" can not be said to be too full of memories to be proud of.