he was born in akşehir e had a good sense of humour

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En İyi Cevap!

Nasreddin Hodja was born in 1208 in the village of Sivrihisar hose, Akşehir died in 1284. Nasreddin Hodja is a great sage of the Turkish people colloquially, the fineness of feeling and including the type of humor has been a pioneer.

His father was the imam of the village of Hose Abdullah Efendi and his mother Hatun the chapter of the same village. Sivrihisar first studied theology school. Upon the death of his father was the imam of the village returned to Hortu'ya. Aksehir settled in 1237, Sayyid Ibrahim Haji Sayyid Mahmud Hayrani and listened to lectures. Continued to work on the Islamic religion. According to one account, the madrasa course read from it, kadılık worked. Nasuriddin him for this task given the name of Shah subsequently taken the form of this name Nasreddin Hodja.

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