Do you like coffee?
Does he play tennis on Saturdays?
Does he teach in a school?
Do we get wool from sheep?
Do you often take the train?
Do you drink alcohol?
Does she live in London?
Does it often rain in England?
Do you live in London?
Does Lucy study History?

Do you like going to restaurants?
Do they write e-mails every day?
Does Kevin take medicine daily?
Do they live in England?
Do you own a car?
Does Anna study English?
Does Tom get up at six o’clock?
Do Tülay and her brother like soccer?
Do you meet your friends on Fridays?

Does he know how to play the violin?
Does he play in goal?
Does David’s brother live in New York?
Do they like pizza?
Do we get wool from sheep?
Do they study French?
Do you like cake?
Does Remzi take coffee every evening?
Does she meet her brother every week?

Does Carol want a new pair of shoes?
Does he play football?
Do I work as a teacher?
Does he eat rice often?
Does he teach physics?
Do they get up at five?
Does Alicia work in a restaurant ?
Do you drink tea every morning?
Do you read a lot?