The Republic of Turkey's founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, May 19, 1881, in Thessaloniki, Kocakasim District, Islahhane Street was born in a three-storey pink house. His father Ali Riza Efendi native of Thessaloniki, Soke Thessalonians Turkmen have nicknamed Red Hafiz Ahmet Efendi, son. His mother settled in the town of Langasa near Thessaloniki in 1871, the daughter of Haji Agha Feyzullah Sofi's family.
Mistress Zübeyde Organization Customs Enforcement officer who married while Ali Riza Efendi, Ottoman-Russian War of 1877 in Thessaloniki before the officer has Asakir-i Milli Battalion. Mustafa's father died in 1888, timber trade and later seven, was one year old sister Makbule. Naciye other siblings, Omar and Fatima died when I was little. Female Zübeyde after seeing the success of his son, went for treatment on January 14, 1923 in Izmir, died at his beloved 66-year-old. Makbu le Female (Atadan) lived in until 1956.

Master Aliriza

Ali Riza Efendi .. He was born in Thessaloniki in 1841. Ahmet Efendi, the son of Hafez al-nicknamed the Red settled Turkmen Soke Thessalonians. Hafez al-Abdi attended primary school in the school district. Foundations in Thessaloniki Administration clerk, was then Customs Enforcement officer Organization. During Officer, Haji Agha's daughter Zübeyde Feyzullah He married Sophie's family.
In 1876, serving as an officer in the battalion area of Thessaloniki Asakir-i Milli Ali Riza Efendi, then began to trade in timber. Zübeyde Mistress had five children. Naciye their children, Omar and Fatima did not live more. Mustafa and Makbule only able to continue their lives. Ali Riza Efendi, in 1888, the only son of Mustafa Kemal in elementary school while studying ill and died. (1888)

Zübeyde Female

Zübeyde Female .. He was born in Thessaloniki in 1857. By migration in Central Anatolia, west of the border with Albania is placed Thessalonians Yörükler, Haji Agha was the daughter of Sophie's family Feyzullah. Ali Riza Efendi in Salonika with the marriage officer of Customs Organization has five children. Fatima and Omar were younger lost. Zübeyde lady who lost her husband in 1888, Mustafa elementary school from time to time with the kids went to the farm with his brother Hussein Agha. Meanwhile, the words of Atatürk, good-hearted man, married to Bey in Ragip. Naciye girls did not experience too.
After the Balkan War, as many Turkish families, along with her daughter Makbule Selanikten emigrated to Istanbul Beşiktaş-Akaretler moved into a house to come. Came to Ankara during the War Zübeyde Female, 1919da he had to leave his son, after many years as Head of State was in Ankara. January 14 1923te went for treatment in Izmir, 66 years old passed away.

I appreciate ancestor

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the Makbule Atadan sister, was born in Thessaloniki in 1887. After the Balkan Wars, the Selanikten divided into Mistress' s mother moved to Istanbul. After the proclamation of the Republic, at the request of his brother, came to Ankara with his mother. Makbule rest for a while, next to Ataturk Atadan, then moved to the chateau Çamlı Cankaya Palace built for himself within the territory.
Exploration of Atatürk's request OKYAR 1930da Makbule established a few months after entering the Free Republican Party is closed Clause withdrew from politics and the 1935 parliamentary Majdi Boysan married. Memories of the older brother on brother ancestor appreciated Atatürk Atatürk (1952) and brother of Mustafa Kemal (1952) published the names. He died in 1956 at age 69.


Mustafa Hafiz Mehmet Efendi school age, the school district began. Then his father's request, to carry out a new method of teaching in Thessaloniki, opened the School of Master Shams passed. During this time he lost his father. Rap for a while after their stay next to his uncle's farm, and his mother wanted to continue her education life Mustafa, Thessaloniki Civil İdadisine (high school) enrolled. A discussion of this school instructor Mustafa passed, the school immediately took her grandmother did not want to read is already there. Military Secondary dress wearing her neighbor's son aspired Mustafa, despite the objections of her mother's who do not want to be soldiers, secretly, Thessaloniki Military Rüştiyesinin entry exam. It was all over the news of winning against exam whether Mustafa's mother, enrolled at this school. (1893). This school mathematics teacher gave him the name of Kemal.
Mustafa Kemal who successfully complete the military Rüştiyesini Thessaloniki, Monastir Military İdadisine (high school) input. French, thick back here, the first two to three months, and secretly went on vacation Thessalonians special class of the School of Continuing French Firer, developed in French. The following year, Monastir Military İdadisinde, the poet Omar Naji new here also met and became interested in literature.

Military college
Mustafa Kemal finished Monastir Military İdadisini successfully, going to Istanbul section of infantry entered the Military School. (March 13, 1899). Military School, Mustafa Kemal was working at the first class and the other classes clung to two years with full force. Graduated from this school in 1902 with the rank of lieutenant and continued his education at the Academy of Military. Was a first lieutenant in 1903. On January 11, 1905 Staff Captain Mustafa Kemal graduated from the Military Academy, to do an internship Şamdaki 30 Posted Cavalry Regiment.