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A Holiday İn İstanbul
I went to Istanbul with my family for a holiday in the last summer.We went there by our car for a week.It was the most beautiful holiday that I had.Now,I want to write about my holiday.
First day I got up very early.Because I was so excited.A few days ago we prepared our suitcases.My father put the all suitcases in the baggage of car and got off.We arrived to Istanbul at 14.00 pm.That day we were very tired and we stayed at my aunt house in Fatih.
Next day,after we moved a hotel,I said my father that I wanted to walk alone.And firstly,I went to Sultanahmet.It has got lots of old buildings.Then I visited Topkapı Palace Museum where the Ottoman people lived in.It ıs the oldest place where the people met from all over the world.I saw ”DİAMOND ” which everybody wanted to see.It was great big place.So I was tired and my feet were killing me.
In the second day I decided to visit historical places,mosques,shopping centres and the other places of the city with my sister.She was happy and said me ”They are the most wonderful places I have ever seen.” That day we walked until it got dark.
In the third day I went out to go beach with my family.It was really hotter than the other day so I sunbathed.The beach was very crowded because of weekend.When I sunbathed I heard a sound which telling me ”Excuse me” I opened my eyes.”Oh my God! What a pretty girl!” I thought.Once I tried to talk and asked about her name,age,favorites,family..etc.At the end of talking I knew everything about her.She promised to phone me but she hasn’t phoned yet.I think she forgot me.
The last day of the holiday we bought some present to our friends and neighbours.
Finally,we got off as soon as it got dark.
When I went back home,I told my friends the holiday with details.I showed them the photograps.I said that Istanbul was very interesting and crowded city. It was more beautiful than Ankara.
Next year,I will go to Istanbul again,If my father lets me.

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