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First of all, there is wise to know the principles of multiple intelligence:
* Intelligences identified in humans, could be improved, can be measured.
* All the theories and scientific studies related to human development, support and accept the theory of multiple intelligences.
* An intelligence in areas pertinent to the field of intelligence studies utilized other.
* Currently known types of intelligence to identify the different intelligences that mümkündür.Kişisel features, environment, beliefs and judgments, cultural factors such as the effect on the development of intelligence.
* Intelligence consists of the so-called status in every human being and every intelligence is a different dynamic processes.
* Each individual has its own unique features and intelligence is specific to the person.
* The development of every human being, there are different types of intelligence.
* Değerlendirilmelidir.Zekanın structure that is unique to each type of intelligence, attention, perception, memory, problem solving in the light of many factors such as different processes occur.


Verbal linguistic intelligence
This intelligence, words, thinking, right speech and expression, the complex meanings of language comprehension, evaluation, poetry-reading the story, flowing description, finding and using words like, abstract thinking, symbolic representation of the meaning, language, grammatical features, such as the right to use and highly active consists of a complex skill.
An individual with this type of intelligence, have read, understand, easy to remember and understand the main idea expressed in the correct container eder.Doğru evaluates vardır.Kelime developed a good oratorical ability, a good communicate verbally, opposite affect people, can mimic other people and conversations . enjoys word games, reading interest hoşlanmaz.Kitap vardır.Gürültülü environments.
This is the type of people who have the intelligence, writer, poet, writer, linguist, lawyer, politician can.

This type of intelligence, "the ability to think with the eyes' would be more accurate to say. Shapes, lines, images, symbols, to think, to communicate with eyes to perceive the environment, to stimulate and three-dimensional objects, images and reasoning approach for this type of intelligence features.
Individuals with visual-spatial intelligence, he learned the whole thing into a concrete and visual material in the eyes, brain, detecting the perspective of different angles canlandırabilir.Eşyaların not realize is a lot of people yakalayabilir.Düşündüğü details everything you can dream canlandırabilir.Çok imagination, especially maps, tables, such as systems feeling very comfortable, very gelişmiştir.Tasarım anlayabilir.Yön, drawings and images in presentations hoşlanır.Görsel loves and takes care to take note of in this way çalışabilir.Ders trying to do. Image does not like non-long descriptions.
This is the type of people who have the intelligence, painter, photographer, engineer, architect, designer, visual artist, may be a guide.

Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence
Movements on the basis of self-expression, the ability to use facial expressions and gestures of people with co-ordination with the brain and the body is known that this type of intelligence.
These people examine objects by touching, to recognize the skill areas are very başarılıdır.Dans çalışır.Fiziksel, sports, studies show success noticeably.
Your body uses the correct, high-performance gösterir.Genellikle uğraşır.Çok few sport or activity is moving at the same time, more detailed description of verbal recall was done. Responsible to the environment and the balance duyarlıdır.Fiziksel studies, aesthetics, and the ability to make a very gelişmiştir.Rol, dance, sports, actively tries areas that are instantly recognizable and talented.
Ilgilidirler.Her careful about the kind of healthy lifestyle and learning how to use mental and physical harmony.
Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence, or individuals, athlete, dancer, actor, artist, sculptor can.

Logical-mathematical intelligence
Language of thinking of people with this type of intelligence is completely numbers, symbols, and cheats oluşur.Hesaplama, concrete actions to produce abstract expressions, problem solving, to establish a logical relationship, reasoning ability, such as cause-and-effect relations reach a lot of skills to the whole gelişmiştir.Farklı combine parts, inferences can be found.
Sorarlar.Zeka games are usually very curious and a lot of questions like their favorite endeavor and quite başarılıdırlar.Matematiksel work, experimenting hoşlanırlar.Akıl executing establish a connection between abstract concepts based on the numbers and have the ability to achieve the result. Figures, tables, and graphics work they do. Have the structure of a critical thinking and questioning.
People who have this type of intelligence, mathematicians, engineers, architects, statisticians, economists, scientists, such as a computer specialist occupations, choose.


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