ARC is a lossless data compression and archival format by System Enhancement Associates (SEA). It was very popular during the early days of networked dial-up BBS. The file format and the program were both called ARC. The ARC program made obsolete the previous use of a combination of the SQ program to compress files and the LU program to create .LBR archives, by combining both compression and archiving functions into a single program. Unlike ZIP, ARC is incapable of compressing entire directory trees. The format was subject to controversy in the 1980s—an important event in debates over what would later be known as open formats.

The .arc file extension is often used for several file archive-like file types. For example, theInternet Archive uses its own ARC format to store multiple web resources into a single file.[1][2] The FreeArc archiver also uses .arc extension, but uses a completely different file format.

Nintendo uses its own version of ARC for resources, such as MIDI and voice samples, in GameCube and Wii games. Several unofficial extractors exist for this type of ARC file. netten baktım bu cıktı lut fen yıl basına ozel puan ver bana nolur 

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