MercifulMy beloved Prophet , your place in my heart , my love for you can not tell , but it does not tell people that you love that you love Does it mean anything ? Let me tell you how my love . I love you so much I wish you to know that , you get to know me , you love me you know my existence . If you knew my love for you , if I knew that you loved me too .
What can I do to win your love Ya Rasulullah . I got caught in world affairs so I 'm not even aware of what I'm doing . It's stuck in a tree in autumn last I feel alone like a leaf . And the wind has taken me to places I did not know I'm flying severed . Olmuşca prisoner in the hands of the wind , the taste of the world to olmuşca prisoner , I'm flying with the wind . Then I fell into a light sea . It is you Oh Prophet . I found you Oh Prophet or the wind to blow me . He 'm drowning in a sea of ​​light . I 'm straightening with your Nuruyu . Oh Prophet of no separation over me , do not leave me . Give me one more wind . I do not even want to go back to my tree . I'll be away from all the evil around you . To be with you to reunite you , you know you love me . What else could you want . Burning with all the people you love , you know you love me . I know you love us means having good morals is yours .
I live by the moral values ​​of our Prophet of God bestowed on us , let's be worthy of the love of our Prophet . We live in this world you Oh Prophet of longing . We could not see his face in the light of this world , could not be next , could not fight your way ta have not even martyred . What happens is incapable of love Oh Prophet of this Ummah .
What if God forgive us . The face of the Prophet to forgive an honor . What would be thy humble towards separation, the separation I 'm kavuşal . Give your love with your love that gave us just forget everything I live for you . Thousands of our sin , forgiveness took refuge in forgiveness, not what happens , what happens to God.