People are responsible for their environment. To live in a clean environment is something that people in their own hands. This subject is fully fulfills its part, each individual in an environment such as mis live in peace.

Our ancestors on the many good words said on the environment clean. For example, "The Lion of bed becomes obvious" yes, you as an individual, where you make some part will be a candle you hold garbage atmasantükürmesen clean up the area around the front of the house. Everyone in the same way we do this is a world of glittering candles one by one çoğalsa.

Houses dirty chimney fumes from cars to show the sensitivity of the fuel waste solutions will be able to live in a society that we find cleaner. Children who litter the floor stimulate environmental awareness in parents taught their children will be taught a conscious youth.

With the rules of living in society, in the family should be vaccinated before cleaning. Environmental cleanup required accuracy can send your child to a family is considered a candle burned.