Mehmet Er Edincikli
"Mehmet Er Edincikli an artillery shell-torn sarkmaktadır.Yalvarır location, such as a piece of meat covered in blood

"Sir, would you stop following my arm!"
Caught and held his right hand facing drooping branches, and that the one with the sound of Lieutenant Mehmet Er donmuştur.Edincikli repeats:
"God's sake, for God's sake, cut the arm!"
This divine hearing phrases like eimr Lieutenant Saip, the knife did not say if vurur.Gık coke cola, cola Edincikli Mehmet.Bir right hand, God is a future! Allah! looks and throw the lever between the colliding values cries: "It's worth the sacrifice homeland arm," der.Yerdeki et parçalrından his head against the one that removes the Lieutenant yoktur.Çünkü, Edincikli, everything started to go shopping with his ass, the pain, the aspirations forgets deryalarında mercy, manifested in the arınırken waves washed his arm, the process of disembodiment duymuyordu.O mortals fire, the fire, but shall not be in shrieks, edincikli self-geçti.Bir handful of this hell under fire burned in desire and longing, I got it.
Edincikli Mehmet, multiple arm for God to avenge the attack to the homeland mixed into the ranks of the katılmıştı.Alayların, one on one is not able to stop vuruşur.Onu now, however, shows wonders, one on one fights, one-to-ten fights, one hundred fights ... Haklamadığı the help of God that unbelievers kalmaz.Ama kaçılmaz fate! Kopmasıyla lost his arm to lower blood began her run-down face Edincikli'ye ekleniyordu.Güzel order of martyrdom now faded, people used to put, he's cheeks slipped ... eye closed world ... "

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