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1) EDUCATION: There is no information on the computer bulamıyavağı arayıpta people. History, geography, mathematics, literature, general culture, to develop positive sciences, such as is possible to reach all kinds of useful information.
2) ENTERTAINMENT: music, movies, visual features such as shares that have reached many individuals today, okay bog content, etc, as well as game sites, online chat features in an environment that was made.
3) ART
4) self-expression
1) DEPENDENCE: Long-term use of computers can make human life more and more an essential need.
2) GAMBLING: some legal and illegal gambling sites can be reflected hayatınada playing real people
3) sociability: Long-term use of computers to write aksatabilmektedir.Sürekli human speech, inability to function in speech is a brain yaşıyabilir.Buda indexed asosyallestiren us a real factor in our lives.
    Provided that not to overdo the use of computers as well as useful and profitable birşeydir.Ben other technological tools like computer use hopefully in a positive way always.