Home sweet home said jimwhen they arrived safely back at jackson Island.finally he found her house in the forest he knocked at fer door and she opened it what are you doıng child ıts very late come ın come she said kindly.there was problem a snke bit jim and he was very ill and the old women asked huck apoisonous snake?yes ı need a mdecine very quıcly said huck but the old women said come sit but he dosent want to sit the old women said dont worry she went to a shelf and started lookıng at all the bottles finnaly she found the medicine and huck said thank you ma am huck politely huck hurriedback to jackson Island with teh medicine for jim when he got to the cave he saw that jim was worse and huck cried and huck said drink this he gave jim the medicine and sat beside him to watch after a while fell sleep huck jim said huh what oh jim huck woke up guıckly is that you you rae wearing a dress jim said what do you mean ı am not agirl dont be rude he was angry at first but then he was happy jim jim you are well he said after a while jim got better.

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