En İyi Cevap!

The yellow car is as fast as the red ona

My brother is as handsome as Brad Pitt

My grandmother is as old as my grandfather

My balls is the same as yours


...Different from 

A plane is different from a helicopter

A dictionary is  different from a book

Burak's glasses are different from Sinem's

My and my sister's dolls are different

Tuğçe and Merve's computers are different 

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This car is the same as my car. (Bu araba benimkiyle aynı.)
This is the same car as my car. (Bu araba benimkiyle aynı.)
Today?s exam and yesterday?s exam are similar. (Bugünün sınavıyla dünün sınavı

My apartment is similar to yours. (Benim dairem seninkine benzer.)
These buildings are alike. (Bu binalar benzer.)
The weather in İzmir is different from the weather in Ankara. (İzmir?deki hava Ankara?daki havadan farklıdır.)

Your pronunciation is quite different from/than/to mine. (Senin telaffuzun benimkinden çok farklı.)

My point of view is different from/than/to yours in that I'm more optimistic

about the situation.

(Benim görüşüm, bu konuda daha iyimser olmam bakımndan seninkinden farkb.)

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