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The art of Tibetan masks forms an essential element of traditional Tibetan culture. The masks are famous for their unique style, diversity of shapes and characteristically simple, unsophisticated and primeval beauty. Tibetan masks are therefor an Important area for research. This article intends to give a brief introduction to the masks in order to offer readers a basic overview of this art. 

Ⅰ, The Origin and Development of Masks 

1, The Origin of Masks 
According to historical records, after the sixth century, when the Tubo was a feudal kingdom based on slavery, bonpon dances with masks and totem animal "the sound from the hand drums" These dances were already Performed and from white goat masks are said to have originated. In the first half of the seventh century, when srong-btsan-SGAM-po was in power, the Tibetan script and written laws were created and dances "with masks to act as lions, tigers, leopards and yaks" appeared as a traditional program for grand ceremonies. These two examples Illustrate masks that came into being as early as in the Tubo Kingdom. 

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